Just sit over there

Said the Mad Translator

Pick a French comic

Or a science-fiction book

While I serve you a cup

Of green minted tea

*I’ll say, this attempt is not very rhyme-y*

… I’m not really mad, but I am a translator and I work primarily in Manga and lately, Light Novels (the Japanese equivalent of YA literature) which I translate from Japanese to French for various French publishers. I also occasionally work as an interpreter, though it’s far from being the bulk of my work.


Well, yes, yes I am. I live and work at home, which is currently somewhere not far from Bordeaux, the French South-Western main city of Aquitaine.

 If I seem to be showcasing Franco-Belgian comics a lot on this blog, it’s deliberate. The pop culture sites I frequent are mostly North-American and if there’s a lot of talk about comics and of manga and anime, there’s a specific dearth of knowledge (and let’s be honest, pure interest) in European comics. I guess I miss it and I’ve decided to be pro-active about it by writing (a bit) about what I love about them.


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