Pod people 17 bonus

Because I did research for that pod pilot, yes I did. 20 years ago.



Pod People 17

Pod Ultimate. That one pod drawing I keep going back to. xD

It’s actually the base for the first one I posted, but this is the original. I kept doing stuff to it, including a first digital colouring attempt, which was years ago and was… mildly successful. I did a new recolor a few weeks ago.

A : line version B : full version C : Old digital color version D : New digital color version.



Pod People 11

This is part of a series of B&W drawings I did in Japan in 95-96. Some of those are already on DA (they’re kinda blurry… I might have to reupload https://www.deviantart.com/kinoumenthe/gallery/54800459/Majin).
They were all supposed to be magicians and they all kinda skirt the frontier between scifi and fantasy. I suppose.
It was mostly an excuse to see what i could do with a lot of black.