Happy New year !

I finally kinda finished this 🙂

I fiddled with new markers and color pencils a bit for texture. I botched the reds, it’s fine, I don’t have the energy to try and photoshop-correct it.

I do have the line-art saved on this, so I can always revisit it later.

Also, i’ve named this character. They’re Hexalba.huevember2018-10_150


2018, as in books I managed to read

Technically, those are just books with words, not comics (though those are also books and I read quite  a lot of them).

From last to first:

Rosewater 1 – Tade Thompson
Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson
The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps (novella) – Kai Ashante Wilson
Aunty Lee’s Chilled Revenge, a singaporean mystery – Ovidia Yu
Auntee Lee’s Deadly specials, a singaporean mystery – Ovidia Yu
Auntee lee’s Delights, a singaporean mystery – Ovidia Yu
The strange case of the alchemist daughter – Theodora Goss
Between Worlds, the collected île-rien and Cineth stories – Martha Wells
Exit strategy: the murderbot diaries (novella) – Martha Wells
Rogue protocol: the murderbot diaries (novella) – Martha Wells
Artificial condition: the murderbot diaries (novella) – Martha Wells
All systems red: the murderbot diaries (novella) – Martha Wells
The gate of gods – Martha Wells
The ships of air – Martha Wells
The wizard hunters – Martha Wells
The death of the necromancer – Martha Wells
The element of fire – Martha Wells
Stories of the raksuras 1 – Martha Wells
Stories of the raksuras 2 – Martha Wells
The harbors of the sun – Martha Wells
Edge of worlds – Martha Wells
The siren depths – Martha Wells
The serpent sea – Martha Wells
The cloud roads – Martha Wells
Wheel of the infinite – Martha Wells
City of bone – Martha Wells
The Raven stratagem – Yoon Ha lLee (technically, I’m still reading this one, but I’ll finish it soon)
Ninefox gambit – Yoon Ha Lee
The city of brass – S.A. Chakraborty
Sorcerer to the crown- Zen Cho
The stone sky – NK Jemisin
The flowers of Vashnoi (novella) – Loïs Mc Master Bujold
Buried heart (court of five 3) – Kate Elliot
The citadel of weeping pearls – Aliette de Bodard
On a red station, drifting – Aliette de Bodard
The tea master and the detective – Aliette de Bodard
The house of shattered wings – Aliette de Bodard
The school for good and evil – Soman Chainani
Star wars: ahsoka – EK Johnston
Provenance – Ann Leckie
Darkness of the spirit – Thomas M Hewlett
One death at a time – Thomas M Hewlett

I read a LOT of fantasy this year, but that’s probably because I read so much Martha Wells in the last months. Even then, I didn’t manage to read all of her books (yet).
I loved MURDERBOT, I loved it so much that I recently got all the audiobooks to listen through them again barely a few months after finishing them. It’s pretty rare for me to want to revisit something so soon after reading it.
But honestly, how can I not expect to identify so much with someone who’d rather watch their favourite media all day rather than interact with people and uses media as an anxiety crutch.
My favourite book came almost last, as a surprise. It was the Goblin Emperor, which was not at all what I thought it would be and is without any single doubt one of the most incredibly touching book I’ve ever read.
The Raksuras were also quite a revelation, though I have to say, that’s pretty much true of most the books by Martha Wells I’ve read. She’s become my new favourite and I didn’t think someone would ever be able to surpass Bujold in my heart.
This was a very good book reading year.