Varga, and HZD fanart

An experimental Varga, Tinkerer Extraordinaire, with Oseram design elements.
Inspired from one of my recent in game photomode shots.

More stuff in the shop

I uploaded a bunch of art to my Zazzle shop, which is print on demand. I prepared mostly postcards and stickers, but the designs are transferable.

Currently, the art series available are Doggust, Inktober 2019, Huevember Baroque Birds, Pod People, some of my Liberated Dragons and a few miscellaneous.

All in One Place RPG Stuff 2019

I got roped (totally not against my will) into no less than 2 RPG campaign this year, for the first time almost ever, so of course I drew my character(s) and some others stuff too. I also attempted to be chosen to participate in an OC (Other Character) tournament, (it’s a thing) but I failed. So I have a number of sketches and a very basic comics I did for that.

All in One Place New from Old 2019

I like revisiting old drawings disasters that I couldn’t salvage before, or simply update some of them. I tried my hand at digital inking and coloring of one old sketch and I was pretty happy with the result.


I also tried AI coloring on old drawings with mixed results. It was pretty interesting though.

All in One Place Doggust 2019

Trying Doggust was pretty fun actually. I need to try more drawings from model and it was really great to get to use my (cheap) alcohol markers. In the beginning, I thought I would do strictly black and white, but experimenting with the markers, white pencil and grey markers to get close to the right colors was really an interesting experiment.


Getting through my digital To Read Pile

Hey, a real post !

I read mainly digital books nowadays, on my laptop (a macbook, secondhand), and I’ve used the Kindle app for a long time, which let me appreciate the total dearth of display option it has and the inconvenience that stems from this for me.

I can’t really take the books off from it (I’d have to delete them from my account, as if I’d never bought them in the first place… no rereads possible ! and seriously. I bought them. I’m keeping them !) and the list making is completely clunky and cumbersome.

My main problem was that I had trouble seeing what I had already read and what I hadn’t, forcing me to read the new recent stuff I remembered getting, instead of the books that were waiting for a while, and leading me to get more books instead of reading the ones I already had (… well played, kindle >:D)

I’d tried a number of time to use Calibre, since I’d heard it could import all my books and had a much better filling system, but it never worked.

Finally, after coming once again across a post lauding Calibre, I tried again, and after looking around for a solution to my (very common, actually) problem, I finally installed an older kindle version that lets me import my books into Calibre, provided I NEVER update it again.

Which fine by me.

And it works ! Now that I’m able to file the books accordingly, I can access the list of my unreads and plow through it !

So happy !

So far, I’ve been able to rediscover that I had all of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen books, which I devoured (so good !), and then realized I had a few old Tanith Lee digital editions that needed reading, and so on and so forth, especially those books I got a while ago because they sounded awesome, then totally forgot about…

I tend to forget about stuff if they’re not visible, so it’s a real life saver for me.

I recommend it.