RPG OC’s… handmaiden

I colored the sketch for my OC’s handmaiden/secretary, with minimal modifications 😀
… she still looks a bit like a wooloo… OO
I did a different version before settling on the all-green-blue one.


I thought about spacing those posting but heh. They’re done, I’m posting them.

Travel-ready OC (I’m playing The Refined so I don’t have weapons… that you know of :D)  I have a Ninetail Bell Whip to channel the Art. (the Art is magic in the K6BD world) My handmaiden handles the heavy stuff :b

Other implements are part of my character building but I’m not entering into details xD




RPG OC (Original Character) 1

Between work sessions, I’ve been working on my OC for a RPG campaign that we’re going to start soon with friends. I haven’t played since the early 90s, and that was only two hours or so, so that’s going to be interesting 😀

We’re using the playbook for the Kill 6 Billion Demons world.

The comic is awesome by the way. https://killsixbilliondemons.com/

My character is from a Fox Servant race and I’m using The Refined >:D

I have a handmaiden/secretary that looks vaguely like a wooloo xD


Old from New : Yellow Mist

Ugh, that frickin Woman with a Sword aquarelle from 93.
Last time I posted the original, I mentioned I loved the watercolor work I did but hated the subject. Definitely a candidate for rework photoshop-fu.
Tout passe mieux avec un peu d’huile de photoshop :b
It didn’t even have a name, so I’m going basic : Yellow Mist.
(EDIT!) I was too hasty xD
The right hand was bothering me so I changed it :b

Edited on top, previous in the middle, old at the bottom 🙂

New from old : The Princess Fruit

The Princess Fruit

I took an old failed ink and white gouache drawing from 92 I tried to correct a number of times, both on paper and digitally, and this time, instead of trying to salvage what didn’t work, I only kept what did work, redrew the character and played around with the interesting elements of the original.

I think it turned out all right 🙂







Bear and Asp

I finished this illustration for a short tale my dad wrote, on a sketch by him.

The tale is the story of a Neanderthal man who witnesses the eruption that will create some of the old volcanoes in Massif Central, in France. The man imagines it to be the wrath of a giant cave bear and the lava flow is to him like a giant asp. (Asps are the most common venomous snakes in Auvergne).

I intended to do Mermay this month, but I got stumped by the too good sketch my dad provided and I wasn’t able to draw anything, Mermay or otherwise. Finally I decided to no reimagine it, but to use it as a base, and that finally unblocked me.





I’m rebloging this because it’s the first time I’ve found something that really feels right, since that time I found out demi-sexuality was also a thing. Asexuality didn’t seem to fit for me, and I knew that gray-asexuality seemed to be a thing, but graysexuality seems a lot more fitting in my mind. And I do fit at least two of the types of experiences mentioned.
I really feels right the way someone experiences an epiphany.

Thing of Things

[This is a prompted Patreon post from Jared.]

Graysexuality is fascinating because we get to watch the process of a new orientation being constructed in real time.

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network defines graysexuality as the following:

Sexuality is not black and white; some people identify in the gray (spelled “grey” in some countries) area between asexual and sexual. People who identify as gray-A can include, but are not limited to those who:

    • do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes

    • experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive

    • experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them

    • people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances

Graysexuality can be a very broad term, and it’s easy to misinterpret what people mean about it from a definition. Here are some examples of graysexual…

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