Quickpaint 9

Quickpaint 30 minutes
EDIT : I finished it because the unfinished neck was really bothering me :b

Speedpaint 2

I saw people posting speed paint on tumblr, and it looked like an interesting thing to do to get used to digital painting, so I tried it.
My first try was a month ago and wasn’t very successful because I didn’t know what to paint. (I really don’t want to post it ^^; so I’m starting on number 2 :b)
But I thought about it and decided to use pictures I took or found as models/inspiration, rather than spend energy and time thinking about an image, especially since I’m only giving myself about 30 minutes. Instead I can channel that energy into getting to know how to use the brushes.
I tried it today and it kinda works. It’s still rough but that’s kind of the point anyway.

Hexalba finally gets somewhere

I’m trying to familiarize myself with all the color markers I got recently but needless to say, i’m still pretty bad at it. I had to correct quite a number of stuff in photoshop and I’m not entirely satisfied, but as long as I get a final version that I like, it’s fine. Plus I want to advance a bit, I’ve been tinkering with this as a sketch for a month now. Time to move on.

The big one on the right is the final version, the small one right up the original version and a process gif under it.