Huevember 2017 #5/6



INKTOBER 2017 Recap

So technically, this year’s Inktober is done.

I did miss the first day, so I did only 30 drawings. On the physical side of things, it was pretty easy, except once or twice when I started so late that I was half asleep already which made me go for really quick slapdash drawings. On the whole, sketching included, and excepted the one or two times where I started over, the process took about an hour and half, two at the most. The quickest ones were done in about half an hour.

For the first half of the challenge, I finished a sketchbook I started in 2002 (!). I did exactly one drawing in it in 2015, but all the rest date back to 2002 to 2005, a period where I drew very sporadically before stopping completely.

once that sketchbook was full, I decided to use a paper-sample book I had gotten at a book fair sometime ago. It wasn’t exactly ideal for inking, but I decided to work with it anyway.

I’d been wanting to try Inktober since I heard about it a few years ago. The prospect was daunting, and also quite painful. Especially since when I really think back on it, I haven’t actually drawn regularly since about 1997, which would be 20 years ago. Surprisingly, actually doing it wasn’t hard at all or painful. Sure, finding something to draw every single day is far more difficult than I ever imagined. Even though I was quite a prolific artist in my heyday, I wasn’t exactly drawing every single day.  But apparently, drawing is like riding a bicycle. Who would have guessed.

Having to post what you do on social media was also a great incentive, especially posting to my online community, a bunch of lovelies who sometimes helped me find inspiration.

My inktober gallery on Deviantart

My Tumblr Archive (Most of October is Inktober related).

In descending order, a quick breakdown of what i drew:

#31 Fanart for the series Miraculous Ladybug. A little joke for those who know the series :b

#30 Portrait inspired by Leonor Fini, two of her self-portraits, more exactly. I wanted to do something very graphic.

#29 A pumpkin ghost with a skull. It’s completely random really. i just wanted to go back to watching Stranger Things on Netflix. >.> That was probably the day i had the least motivation.

#28 Inktober Theme “Fall”. Bunny and falling leaves… in fall, probably.

#27 Inktober Theme “Climb”. The quote is from Cyrano De Bergerac.

#26 Inktober Theme “Squeak. A very graphic bird.

#25 Fanart (Ms. Marvel), featuring Kamala Khan.

#24 This one started as a doodle and just evolved in a random character.

#23 Fanart (Horizon Zero Dawn) : a miniature Tallneck. because what’s cuter that a miniature version of a giant beast-machine ?

#22 Inktober Theme “Trail” I think this one speaks for itself :b

#21 Inktober Theme “Furious” featuring Alecto, one of the three Furies of Greek mythology.

#20 A graphic plant.

#19 Madame Octopie. She loves poetry. I wanted to do something with a lot of details. Also, draw an octopus. OO

#18 My youngest cat, Milo. I used those great calligraphy Japanese pens. They’re awesome.

#17 Lady Mewrasaki Shikimiaou. A cat lady in the taste of the Heian period. I wanted do draw her in a Junihitoe, but I ended up simplifying it quite a bit.

#16 Inktober Theme “Fat”

#15 Inktober Theme “Mysterious”. The character is the Japanese one for “mysterious” (nazo).

#14 Fanart (Lion King). I’m actually not a fan of Disney’s Lion King (because I’ll never forgive the blatant rip-off of Tezuka’s Jungle Taitei), but I’ll admit Scar is a pretty nifty character to draw.

#13 A random drawing that came to me during the night.

#12 Fanart (Star Trek : Discovery), Saru and Michael Burnham.

#11 Fanart (Steven Universe), Peridot in her first song ever xD

#10 Inktober Theme “Giant”.

#9 Miss Kurage and Lady Porcupine. A random drawing with animals doing things that animals don’t do.

#8 Inktober Theme “Crooked”. I actually started with the idea of drawing a Dryad, which i sort of did, ultimately.

#7 Inktober Theme “Shy”.

#6 Inktober Theme “Sword” + Fanart (Wonder Woman). Etta Candy and “her” sword. This Etta is a mix from the early comics and the movie (for her costume).

#5 Fanart (Horizon Zero Dawn) My version of the metal flowers.

#4 Mademoiselle Ninetail. Or my version of a Ninetail fox.

#3 Inktober Theme “Poison” + Fanart (Little Witch Academia) Sucy Manbavaran (Little Wich Academia) and her love for mushrooms (kinoko) and poison.

#2 Fanart (Horizon Zero Dawn) : The machine I imagine those Banuk figures represent.

#1 (missed that one :b)