Couleurs Spectrales, Apocalypse Mania Vol.1 (CBR7)

Apocalypse Mania vol 1, Couleurs Spectrales (Spectral Colours), by  Laurent-Frédéric Bollée (scenario) and Philippe Aymond (art and colour).

apocalypsemania01I actually started reading this series about 10 years ago when there were only 4 volumes. I completely forgot it until a few weeks ago, and I discovered there were 4 more volumes and that the series was completed. So I started a re-reread. Overall, the first cycle was good, but the continuation of the series left me dissatisfied. Visually speaking, it IS rather gorgeous, especially the colours.

Apocalypse Mania Vol.1 starts when giant beams of light fall from the sky to touch down on four different places on Earth. The whole series focusses on 3 characters, but mainly Jacob Kandahar, a man of  vast intelligence often referred to as “the most intelligent man on Earth” (yeah… seriously). Kandahar is fascinated by the mystery of the beams and will become a main player in finding out their origins, meaning and uses.

apocalypsemania01bisIn the fist volume, we start in Senegal, where one of the beams has struck, its effects causing some devastating horrors to unleash. The 3 main characters, Jacob Kandahar, Hannah Osternik et Ardell Clayton meet for the (almost) first time and have to run away from the military that seek to prevent information leaks about the African beam’s effects. It’s a rather good start to a series teasing an interesting mystery, with a hint of, maybe, extraterrestrial invasion and/or exploration. Incidentally, the first album was re-edited with a different cover.

I give it a 4 stars.

Take a gander at pages 14, 31 and 43 :

(This review is part of Cannonball Read 7)


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