Penric’s Demon (a CBR7 review)

When an innocent bystander chooses to help a dying Divine, he gets a lot more than he ever anticipated in the bargain.

PenricsdemonPenric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold, a new novella in the Five Gods universe (The Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls, The Hallowed Hunt).

Penric, youngest son of the House of Jurald, is literally on his way to his betrothal when he and his groom happen on a party in difficulty: a Divine of The Bastard, the fifth God , “master of all disasters out of season”, has been taken ill by the side of the road. When soft hearted Penric dismounts to offer his help, it is accepted, but not in the way he anticipated. The Divine dies on the spot and Penric passes out. When he finally awakes, it doesn’t takes him long to realise by the way everybody is reacting around him that something is not right…

I’m a Bujold unconditional and I liked it. The novella is entirely self-contained, but like a lot of readers, I felt like it was more an introduction to Penric and Desdemona and would have loved to read more. Also, the Bastard is my favourite God, so any occasion to see more adventures under his facetious auspices is more than welcome.

This novella gets  a solid Four Stars from me (both because of my ‘no 5’ current policy and my selfish lack of satisfaction with the length of the story :b) But as far as reading more books by this particular author goes, I have and I always will.

(This review is part of Cannonball Read 7)


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