Pages of the day 5

L’ambassadeur des Ombres (Ambassador of the Shadows), Valerian et Laureline vol.6, p. 25 & 26.

Laureline, in her quest through Point Central to find the recently abducted Earth Ambassador and Valerian, visits the red district… with interesting consequences.

L’ambassadeur des Ombres is the 6th volume in the Valerian & Laureline Science-fiction series by Pierre Christin (scenario) and Jean-Claude Méziere (art), and less known, Evelyne Tranlé for the colours. Chances are, if you’re a 70s-80s Franco-Belgian comics fan, you’ve read albums* she coloured.

The series, which is one of the classics of French Bande-Dessinée,  started in 1967 and was concluded in 2010 with a 21th album, but has been reopened in 2013 with a 22nd album.

* An “album” is what we call a comic book volume in French.


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