Goblin War (CBR7)

What happens to a mountain-dwelling goblin when he is forced to leave his beloved mountain ? Mayhem ! Mayhem I tell you !

What’s the title ?

Goblin War, by Jim C. Hines, an excellent author I’ve loved to read since I discovered his Princesses novels, and who just decided to go full time authoring this very week ! Congratulations Jim, may you be blessed with many more successes !

Goblin War on that South-American River.

Goblin War on that South-American River, but French !

Unfortunalely, l’Atalante Jeunesse seems to not have seen fit to translate this one. Snif.

What’s it about ?

You’d think that after all he’s already done, Jig would be allowed to find some kind of peace, you know, healing disgusting goblin wounds, eating hobgoblin stew and having sarcastic discussion with his God inside his head. But no, the consequences from his first adventure are still following him around, disastrously this time, since Jig is forced out of his beloved lair to work on a former elfish town (blech!) with literally no prospect of escaping the experience alive.

Did you like it ?

Still good. Leaving the mountain gives a larger scope to the story and we get to see what’s been happening because of the events of the first book. There’s also a particularly interesting insight in the life and toils of Tymalous Shadowstar, Jig’s newfound God and what led him to accept a Goblin as his follower in the first place. The tone is still uncompromising, still full of humour and will lead you where you least expect it.

So how many stars ?

Five, again.

Would you read more books from this author ?

You bet your Goblin ass I will.

(This review is part of Cannonball Read 7)


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