Goblin Quest (CBR7)

The unlikeliest of unlikely heroes.

Goblin-Quest-600I do tend to forget I volunteered to participate. Short and concise Q&A, here we go again.

What’s the title ?

Goblin Quest, by Jim C. Hines, an excellent author I’ve loved to read since I discovered his Princesses novels, and who just decided to go full time authoring this very week ! Congratulations Jim, may you be blessed with many more successes !

Goblin quest on that South-American River.

Goblin Quest on that South-American River, but French !

And IN French ! Edited by l’Atalante Jeunesse.

What’s it about ?

A Goblin, a little wittle goblin named Jig who’d just like to be left alone but ends up embroiled in an adventurer’s quest against his will.

Did you like it ?

I really loved it. Starting with its unlikely main protagonist, it manages to turn most tropes on their head at every single turn. I really appreciated the fact that Hines doesn’t try to make his goblin hero more palatable by erasing his dietary habits (cannibalism amongst them…) or his tendency to think about himself first.  Every character in that tale is bathed in an uncompromising light which is a great change from the usual Fantasy fare. There’s also a great sense of humour to Hines’s writing, which mixed with his take on the characters, who still have enough empathy to be relatable, makes compelling reading.

So how many stars ?

Easy. FIVE.

Would you read more books from this author ?

I would and I have.

(This review is part of Cannonball Read 7)


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