Pages of the day 4

Le moine fou (The Mad Monk), by Vink. Beautiful first page of vol2.


Le Moine Fou / Les Voyages de He Pao (The Mad Monk / The Travels of He Pao) is a gorgeous Franco-Belgian Bande Dessinée (BD) series published by Dargaud, taking place in feudal China during the Song dynasty (10th to 11th century), and follows the life and travels of a young Italian woman called He Pao (the Jewel of the River), who lost her parents there as a child in mysterious circumstances. Adopted by Chinese parents, she looses them too to murder and is taken under the wing of 3 Buddhist nuns who teach her many things. It is under their tutelage that she inadvertently discovers the forbidden martial art of the Mad Monk, a series of techniques that end up driving the user crazy. Many covet that knowledge in spite of the consequences, and He Pao is forced to flee across the country while at the same time looking for a way to escape the fate that awaits her if she keeps using the Mad Monk techniques. Her hope is sustained by clues he left indicating he may have found a way to cure or master his own madness.

Vink (Vinh Khoa) is an extremely talented Belgian artist born in Vietnam. His mastery of colour is especially dazzling *o*.


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