Another Avenger Passes Away

Patrick Macnee passed away 3 days ago. The BBC chose to honour him with a great article on bowler hats : Patrick Macnee: The last great bowler hat-wearer

I’ll always remember the afternoons in my great grand-parents house, watching “Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir” (“Bowler hat & leather boots”, the French Title of The Avengers, a pretty cool translation, for once, if you ask me…), with my great grand-father. He loved genre tv and had a big (for the times) colour tv on which he loved to watch all kinds of adventure, crime and even science fiction series. I discovered a lot of them in that room, with him.

To celebrate that great series, a little take on it by great French comic BD artist, Gotlib (for the scenario), the art is by Alexis !

Tara King was SO boss 😀


One thought on “Another Avenger Passes Away

  1. Oh, so sad to hear Patrick Macnee has died! I adored The Avengers as a kid, and Mr. Macnee was in the first Broadway show I ever saw–Sleuth, and let me tell you, he was better in the role than Laurence Olivier, who played his character in the movie. I do also think poor Tara King was under-appreciated. I adore Mrs. Peel, but Tara as well. Tara actually had better-scripted stories than those in the Mrs. Peel era, because Terry Nation (the man who invented the Daleks) was the very able show-runner during her stint as top female Avenger.

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