From Earth To Vinea : Cool Machinery part 1

The Adventures of Yoko Tsuno (or Yoko Tsuno for short, see info at the end of the article) was one of my favourite BD as a teen (and pre-teen). I stopped reading it in my twenties but the old series (still ongoing) still holds its water pretty well on the many re-read I’ve done so far.

One of my very favourite thing in the series is the visual beauty of the scenery and the mechas (the machinery) drawn by Leloup, especially those in the space opera arc of the series dealing with the planet Vinea, it’s inhabitants, their stay on Earth, travels from one planet to the other and various exploration skits to find the Vinean Diaspora. Leloup is a stickler for detail. I don’t like the way his characters evolved visually, but the rest remains top notch.

They deserve to have someone write a post (or more) about them and I’m volunteering as tri… I mean, I’m just volunteering to do that, first with Vinean Vehicules … and assimilated !

Leloup’s knack for drawing them was spot on pretty much from the start, placing the series smack bang in the domain of hard science-fiction.


Vol 1 Le trio de l’étrange (the Curious Trio, translated in English awhile ago by Cinebook).


Vol 3 La forge de Vulcain (Vulcan’s Forge, not translated for some reason, with all the other space operatic Vinean volumes of the series). This ones doesn’t have much in the way of vehicules, unfortunately. I included the awesome rock-melting giant disintegrator beam-machine !


Vol 6 Les 3 soleils de Vinea (The 3 Suns of Vinea, where the Vineans decide to go back to the mother planet to see if it survived, which it did… But not the way they imagined.)


Vol8, Les titans (The Titans). Yoko et al are back on vinea to investigate a mysterious swamp. * Potential spoilers for the story ahead !

I guess that Skunk and the Great Migrator somewhat qualify as “vehicles”, the first by transporting people on his back, the second by being an essential part of his ship.


Vol10, La lumière d’Ixo (Ixo’s Light), deals with the exploration of the satellite of Ixo and deals with the discovery of an offshoot of the Vinean Diaspora.

Fin of part 1 !

Les aventures de Yoko Tsuno By Roger Leloup, ongoing Franco-Belgian Bande dessinée (comic) series, 1972-2015. Published by Dupuis in France and Cinebook in the US.

For more info visit the official French website :

Or the English wiki page :


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