Veronica Mars (2): Mr. Kiss and Tell (CBR7 review)

… A bit of Neptune Noir.

Veronica2What’s the title ?

Veronica Mars (2): An Original Mystery by Rob Thomas: Mr. Kiss and Tell

Oh, there’s a second one so soon ! Did you like it ?

Yes !

What’s it about ?

It’s nine months after the events of the movie and Keith is back at Mars Investigations. We also witness the fall-out from the events regarding Weevil in the movie (he was shot by Celeste Kane after stopping on the road to help her and woke up with a gun in his hand, leading to his arrest). It’s the final day of Weevil’s trial and everybody is waiting for the jury to decide. I don’t want to be spoilery, so let’s say that this decision will lead to a major side-plot of the book where Keith takes up again his investigation of police corruption in Neptune. Then it’s time for a new case involving the Neptune Grand Hotel and surprise, another figure from Veronica’s past, Grace Manning (the little sister of Meg that we see in one episode only).

Did you like it ?

I like it even better than the first one. The plot was slower-building and gave a more realistic sense of what it could feel like to be stuck on a case and have to waddle again and again among all the info to find that one important clue. There was a lot more Mac too (always a good thing) but what I liked this time, was that the writers didn’t choose an easy run-of-the-mill ending and chose a pretty grayish path. And for you all LoVe Addicts, well, there’s plenty to chew on in this one, even if it’s not all roses, and rather satisfying for those who wondered how on earth Logan ended up in a military career. The answers are in this one. There is a lot of foreshadowing about a new very interesting character (a figure from Keith’s past), who will no doubt figure in the following novels. Because there are going to be following novels, right ? RIGHT ?!!

… hem.

So how many stars.

Oh, that’s a definite FIVE.

(This review is part of Cannonball Read 7)


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